3:41pm November 7, 2012





…. what am I looking at holy shiiiiit

this is the first, THE FIRST TIME i have ever seen a photoshoot like this with the gender roles this way round. i’ve lost count of the number of “fashion” photo/editorials i’ve seen where some girl model lies beaten up and bleeding on the ground in an alleyway, or a girl poses in couture while being strangled by a guy, or a female celebrity poses with fake bruises. like, it’s such a well-recognised trope in the fashion world that they did a feature in one of those “[___]’s Next Top Model” shows, where the girls posed as murder and assault victims while wearing couture. there have been a couple of male celebrity “injury” photoshoots, but as i recall it was stuff like justin beiber attempting to appear more adult by looking like he’d just been in a fight.

This is the best shoot I’ve ever seen

This is absolutely wonderful.

For me, the best part about it is that it’s a black woman and a white man. Not only have they reversed the gender roles, they’ve reversed the race roles. Well done.

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